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missed period after stopping nuvaring NuvaRing may also cause more long-lasting side ... This may go on for as long as six months after stopping. ... A missed period does not always mean you are ...
11/19/2007 · But I was just wondering if 1.) it's normal to have a late period after stopping birth control esp. mid-cycle. and 2.) ... missed period on the Nuvaring?
I went off the nuva ring avout 3 months ago and not only have I gained weight I have NOT ... Took a pill for delaying periods.After stopping i didnt get; Nuvaring

Missed Period after Stopping NuvaRing

skipped period after stopping NuvaRing . I went off my NuvaRing the week after my period...didn't have a refill. Went a full week then had unprotected sex the ...
Is it normal for the first period after stopping NuvaRing to be late? ... If Missed Period after Stopping NuvaRing more than 4 or 5 cycles are missed, it is time to speak to your doctor!!
Last month after I stopped using the Nuva Ring, ... I was two weeks late with my first period after stopping and ... I have no reason to believe I missed or had a ...
Best Answer: It's not at all unusual for your periods to be somewhat irregular after stopping hormonal birth control. It takes most women 3-6 months to have a regular ...
no period after NuvaRing ... to tell if this period is even missed, ... s takes a while for there body''s to get back to normal after stopping the nuvaring... ...
Can stopping the nuva ring mess up your period? ... What does it mean if you missed your period going on two months and you have been spotting for the last two weeks ...
Inserting NuvaRing: After washing ... Your menstrual
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